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First I will thank you, all the new and old customers of Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co., Ltd. and friends from the whole society. It is for your trust and support that Haiwang can have such a steady and rapid progress. I am very glad to share all these achievements with you.

Looking back the past, after 40-year¡¯s development, Haiwang Corporation has changed to be a big limited company majoring in producing pulp and paper, and covering thermoelectricity, chemical industry, scientific and technological development and import and export trade from the original small papermaking mill. Its present corporate scale strength and economic strength have been in the lines of "Top 10 Enterprises in Qingdao Suburban Cities" and "Top 10 Enterprises in Papermaking Industry in Shandong Province" for three years. Now our corporation has been one of the biggest manufacturers of special paper. Our mutual efforts not only caused Haiwang¡¯s achievements, but also did great good the whole society.

Looking to the future, to meet the opportunities and challenges accompanying with China¡¯s entry to the WTO, we will follow the market needs and the latest papermaking technology and put our focus on the development and package information of the special paper. By systematic creation, technologic creation and management creation, we will make our effort to realize the modernization of the corporate system and technological equipments, the diversity of the raw material structure and product structure, and scientific corporate management. Our aim is to set up competitive corporate scale and structure and then put our corporation in a developing way of continuous creation.

Welcome to our corporation, and we will cherish each cooperation chance.

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